MyOperator is a cloud-based call management system that provides solutions such as IVR, virtual number, toll-free number, cloud EPABX, automatic call distribution, call tracking & recording, reports etc. for business.

Key product features


Distribute calls among your team members with Automatic Call Distribution ensuring business scalability involving no set-up or hardware cost.

Toll-free numbers

Get your business a brand number. Give your customers a reason to connect with you for superior customer service for free.

Virtual numbers

Get the forwarding number’s advantage for all your marketing channels. Track the performance and RoI.

Custom IVR

Get an IVR for your business that addresses your callers with a personalized voice. Greet your callers with a professional voice, everytime they make a call.

Analytical reports

Analyse the reports to check how effective is your communication. Subscribe for email and SMS reports of your business calls.

Call recording

Record all the business calls received or answered. Use the recordings to improve the quality of your service.

Call desk

Make your business phone system a new breed by taking it on cloud. Attend all the business calls without missing them and installation of hardware. Empower agents to create a better customer experience.

Toll-free number

A toll-free number is a telephone number that is billed for all incoming calls. This means, for the calling party, a call to a toll-free number is free of charge. Businesses use a toll-free number to attract more customers. This in turn helps to increase business profits as more calls are equivalent to more potential leads. These numbers are usually supported with an IVR, enhancing a company’s brand image and projects it as professional.

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Virtual number

A virtual number is a telephone number without a directly associated telephone line. Usually these numbers are programmed to forward incoming calls to one of the pre-set telephone numbers chosen by the client; i.e., a mobile. It portrays your business as big and professional. This helps in increasing your business’s brand value. Since your number is hosted on the cloud there is no need for expensive line rentals. Hence, virtual numbers are cheap.

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